Prior to the appointment of new staff, a check is done with the LCRC to pick up information on criminal records. A test is completed to verify language proficiency and writing abilities. Security training grades and PSIRA qualifications are verified. Driver’s License is compulsory for all Response Officers that make use of company vehicles for work purposes. All Officers (Security and Response) are suitably graded and have been trained for the positions they occupy.

Firearm training and competency certificates are compulsory for all Officers that are required to carry a firearm. This is verified prior to the issue of a firearm and permits are issued by the controller on duty indicating that the Officer has been authorised to carry a firearm and is in possession of the necessary training. All firearms are stored in volts in a secured area within the control centre that is only accessible to the controller of the firearms. All Officers receive refresher firearm training every 3 months.

All RUSA staff are dressed in clearly marked uniform boldly displaying the company logo. The dress code has been uniquely designed and is standard for each Department. All Officers are issued with the relevant equipment like hand cuffs, batons, torches, etc. All Response Officers are clad in bullet proof vests. Each shift Manager accommodates for a required amount of additional trained staff to cover absenteeism, desertion of post, injury on duty, etc.