Reaction Unit South Africa specializes in the provision of suitably trained Security personnel for the purpose of Guarding and effective Management of on-site Security requirements, 24 hour Alarm monitoring and Armed Response services, Technical Security solutions, VIP Protection, Crowd Control, Vehicle Tracking, Dog Handling, a fully equipped ILS Ambulance service and Air Response with a Robinson 44 Helicopter in extreme emergencies where Search & Rescue is required.

Reaction Unit South Africa has become a household name, operating by the principle of providing much needed and effective Security services to those in need. The company operates from a Head Office based in Verulam and has also branched out many years ago into the Phoenix and Tongaat areas, with a 24hour control centre and Security operation in each area. We are also the preferred Security service provider to the Phoenix Industrial Park Lot Owners Association and have also since extended into the areas of Nandi Drive, Glen Anil and most recently Umhlanga. All operations are run independently in each area consisting of a combined workforce of about 600 employees, of which about 50 are Management and Administration staff and the other 550 on site staff.

The company was founded and is headed by the Balram Brothers Prem and Vinod Balram which they established to fight crime and provide security and defence services for the community. Both Prem Balram and brother Vinod remain passionate about the services they provide and strive to guarantee customer satisfaction